„Pension & Gästehaus Oberscheven“

Herzlich willkommen in Kitzscher unweit vom Leipziger Neuseenland

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House regulations and general terms and conditions                                                                                                

Here you will find our house regulations for inspection. This is also available in our rooms. Our top priority is mutual consideration and respect for order and cleanliness (both in the building and on the outside area). In the interests of all guests, we politely ask for your attention.

Dear guests,
We wish you a pleasant and relaxing stay in our non-smoking guest house. Should you feel the urge to smoke, we refer to our smoking areas outside the building.

Terms and Conditions (GTC):
The accommodation only offers non-smoking rooms. Smoking and the use of any tobacco products is not permitted anywhere in the accommodation. The guest accepts and respects this determination with his booking. In the event of violations of this determination, the ac-commodation is entitled to charge an immediately due contractual penalty of 250,00 € plus any cleaning and downtime costs for the subsequent re-letting. Irrespective of this, the ac-commodation is entitled to unilaterally and without notice terminate the accommodation con-tract concluded with the guest or, if necessary, to issue a house ban. The entire agreed booking amount is due immediately. The accommodation reserves the right to withdraw from the contract immediately if the guest fails to understand or in the event of a repeat violation.

Other rules of behavior
We would like to point out that you leave the building and the rooms as you would like them to be when you move in. Your stay should be characterized by the requirement of mutual consideration. We therefore ask you to also observe the following information:
For reasons of hygiene, eating and storing food in the bedrooms is not permitted. In the event of violations, a contractual penalty of 50.00 € per case is due. For eating, we ask you to use the lounge and dining room provided for this purpose.
Avoidable noise is to be refrained from. In particular, night time from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m., lunchtime from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and Sunday calm must be observed. Televisions and radios are to be set to room volume.
The guest accommodation may not be entered with street shoes.
The staying outside must not disturb the neighbors. Conversations are to be conducted at room volume.
Doors and windows must be locked, especially when leaving the building or the room.
No household and kitchen waste, paper diapers and similar stuffing materials may be thrown into the toilets.
The rubbish must be separated by the user in accordance with the legal requirements and disposed of in the waste bins provided.
In principle, guests may be received. Unregistered guests are not permitted to stay overnight. Parties and celebrations are generally prohibited. Permission can be granted upon request from the landlord.

Guest obligation of care
The guest has a special obligation of care towards all furnishings of the accommodation and must treat them with care within the framework of the accommodation provided. In the event of improper use of the accommodation, the landlord has an extraordinary right of termination. The guest is liable for any damage he causes to the inventory. Out of consideration for fire safety, the use of heated blankets, irons and other similar electronic devices not provided by the facility is prohibited in the accommodation.

Notice of defects
If the guest notices any defects, these must be shown immediately so that there is the possi-bility of remedying them at short notice. A defect that is only reported upon departure does not lead to a reduction in price if the landlord was not aware of this defect.

Jurisdiction and Liability
The landlord is not liable for loss or damage of any kind of items brought in. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is the operating location Kitzscher. The German law applies. Sections 701-703 of the German Civil Code apply to the landlord's liability. Liability for other reasons is excluded, unless damage was caused by gross negligence on the part of the landlord.